Colección Ala Delta - Serie Roja

The Adventures of Rufo and Trufo

Aventuras de Rufo y Trufo

Carmen García Iglesias

La unión hace...

Trufo is a striped cat who has to share the hallway, roof and his cat bed with Rufo, a small cat with black spots. At first they get on very badly, but they end up becoming friends. One day they decide to pay a visit to the roof. Everything goes well ... until they meet a grumpy cat. Despite being afraid, they decide to join forces and face the danger.


Cats • Friendship • Cleverness • Comradeship • Enemies • Humanized animals • Love • Nature • Family

Colección Ala Delta - Serie Roja
Género: Fiction
Texto: Carmen García Iglesias
Ilustración: Carmen García Iglesias
130mm x 200mm
páginas: 48
Ilustracion: Colour
ISBN/EAN: 9788426349170
Código de artículo: 071323

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