Colección Ala Delta - Serie Azul

From the Heart of the Apple

Desde el corazón de la manzana

Juan Farias

Manuel Uhía

El verano en un pueblo

On the last day of class, a group of children hear an enticing proposal: ‘Write a book.’ And so the protagonist of this story does. In his own words, the boy talks about his village,his family and his friends. This story gives the reader a glimpse of the boy’s inner life.


Rural life • Everyday life • Family relationships • Friendship • Literary creation

Colección Ala Delta - Serie Azul
Género: Fiction
Texto: Juan Farias
Ilustración: Manuel Uhía
130mm x 200mm
páginas: 96
Ilustracion: Black and White
ISBN/EAN: 9788426348340
Código de artículo: 072301

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