LITERATURA Foreign Rights

A Dog’s Destiny

Destinos perrunos

Sébastien Perez

Benjamin Lacombe

Unas emotivas historias

If you have ever adopted a four-legged friend, or are planning todo so, you’ve surely been told that a dog is a big responsibility, that it requires a lot of time and can even be dangerous. And this is undoubtedly true.

This book presents tales of the fates of fifteen dogs, fifteen incredible, terrifying, sad or horrible stories. Each one of these dogs, or their owners, has had an extraordinary destiny, or at the very least, one that is out of the ordinary.


Caring for animals • Ingenuity • Empathy • Love of dogs • Death • Poetry • Humour

LITERATURA Foreign Rights
Género: Story books
Temática: Emotions, Feelings
Texto: Sébastien Perez
Ilustración: Benjamin Lacombe
170mm x 260mm
páginas: 88
Ilustracion: Colour
ISBN/EAN: 9788414002247
Código de artículo: 110413

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