Colección Ojos de Medianoche

The Land of Giants

El país de los gigantes

Daniel Hernández Chambers

Antonio Lorente

Intrigantes aventuras

A chance encounter puts a magical, but very dangerous, object in Crey’s hands.

Now he will have to undertake a journey in the company of a legendary being, with a dark threat on their trail. How far will he be willing to go in the name of loyalty?


Struggle between good and evil • Adventures • Witchcraft • Plague • Justice • Heroe s• Medieval epics • Conflict resolution • Fantasy worlds

Colección Ojos de Medianoche
Género: Fiction
Temática: Intrigue, Mystery
Texto: Daniel Hernández Chambers
Ilustración: Antonio Lorente
150mm x 210mm
páginas: 168
Ilustracion: Black and White
ISBN/EAN: 9788414025246
Código de artículo: 170721

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