Colección Ala Delta - Serie Azul

The Palace of the Three Eyes

El Palacio de los Tres Ojos

Joan Manuel Gisbert

Chata Lucini

¡Qué curiosidad!

Three mysterious eyes await in the Valley of Silence. A long abandoned palace will open its doors again. An unforgettable night is to come. Leonardo, generous defender and friend of the trees, walks through the forest,not knowing that the greatest adventure of his life lies before him.


Justice • Loyalty • Goodness • Humility • Woodcutters • Love of nature • Feelings • Kings • Animals – protection • Mystery

Colección Ala Delta - Serie Azul
Género: Fiction
Texto: Joan Manuel Gisbert
Ilustración: Chata Lucini
130mm x 200mm
páginas: 136
Ilustracion: Black and White
ISBN/EAN: 9788426346148
Código de artículo: 072309

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