Colección Ala Delta - Serie Roja

Little Black Ant

Hormiguita negra

Ana María Romero Yebra

Arcadio Lobato Solana

Poesía con el mundo animal

Big animals and small animals like elephants and giraffes, ants and snails; autumn, spring, the moon, the clouds, the clear water, festivals and a rainy afternoon all provide inspiration for Ana Mª Romero Yebra. In these verses, the author expresses her love for the beautiful things in life, conveying it to young readers.


Children’s poetry • Animals • Seasons of the year • Controlling emotions • Dialogue • Animals • Love of nature • Nature – protection

Colección Ala Delta - Serie Roja
Género: Fiction
Texto: Ana María Romero Yebra
Ilustración: Arcadio Lobato Solana
130mm x 200mm
páginas: 40
Ilustracion: Colour
ISBN/EAN: 9788426351883
Código de artículo: 071334

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