Colección Ojos de Medianoche

The Ones with No Shadows

Los seres sin sombra

Daniel Hernández Chambers

Antonio Lorente

Una fantasía épica

After being orphaned by the plague decimating the population, Crey must go to the Nalcar Valley to live with his uncle, a former knight of the king turned glass artisan. But he could never suspect that fat ehas a very special mission in store for him. Meanwhile, a new and powerful threat of magical origin looms over the valley.

The first title in this epic fantasytrilogy introduces Crey, a boy who must risk his life to protect those close to him.


Struggle between good and evil • Adventures • Witchcraft• Plague • Justice • Heroes • Medieval epics • Conflict resolution • Fantasy worlds

Colección Ojos de Medianoche
Género: Fiction
Temática: Intrigue, Mystery
Texto: Daniel Hernández Chambers
Ilustración: Antonio Lorente
150mm x 210mm
páginas: 168
Ilustracion: Black and White
ISBN/EAN: 9788414024942
Código de artículo: 168118

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