Colección Ala Delta - Serie Azul

Renata Plays the Piano, Studies English and More

Renata toca el piano, estudia inglés y etcétera, etcétera

Ramón García Domínguez

Javier Zabala Herrero

Y si jugamos un rato...

Renata plays the piano because her mother wants her to be a great artist. But she also studies English, goes to gardening classes ... she has so many things to do that she doesn’t have any time to play with her friends! Until one day, when Renata begins to play in her sleep ... at night!


Childhood • Leisure time • Games • Parent-child relationships • Music • Professions • Time management • Theatre

Colección Ala Delta - Serie Azul
Ganador Ala Delta 1992
Género: Fiction
Texto: Ramón García Domínguez
Ilustración: Javier Zabala Herrero
130mm x 200mm
páginas: 144
Ilustracion: Black and White
ISBN/EAN: 9788426348456
Código de artículo: 072302

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